Sigma Energy Monitoring Centre
Sigma Energy Monitoring Centre



We have successfully deployed full scale device for Adriatic Sea. The device has been producing electrical energy for 6 months, even during heavy storms. For example the storm in Adriatic Sea scaled to Atlantic ocean would mean that Sigma WEC was successfully working on waves of 27 metres, which no WEC has done yet or is capable of doing.

More than 80 parameters such as device motions, wave, mechanical and electrical parameters are being monitored in Sigma Energy Monitoring Centre.


In December 2017, Sigma energy successfully deployed its largest prototype off the coast of Montenegro. The full scale device for Adriatic Sea sets a precedent for Sigma WEC technology as well as the wave energy sector. The video below shows the deployment of the device which further strengthens Sigma Energy’s position among marine renewables.


Mile Dragic, Vlasnik Mile Dragic proizvodnje.

Dear visitor,

I fully support the initiative for safeguarding our planet and securing healthy living for us and our descendants by expediting the development and implementation of devices for clean, ecological energy production.

I am the sole owner and head engineer in the company that is implementing my 15-year project of converting ocean wave energy into electrical energy. I was able to reach a respectable technological level that was confirmed both in laboratory and at sea. We proved an unprecedented efficiency by converting 45% of the available wave energy into electricity in the tank tests in France at the renowned Ifremer facilities in Brest. Our theoretical framework proves that the efficiency can be further increased significantly. WE HAVE THE KNOW-HOW TO DO IT!

I have defined clear priorities and intensified R&D towards yet greater efficiency and lower capital and maintenance costs while increasing overall system reliability.

On this website you will find an overview of the company and our technology. We are at your disposal regarding further development of our project and its patent commercialization. If you can see a joint interest in our project, you are most welcome to contact us.

Mile Dragić PhD

Owner and head engineer



SIGMA ENERGY was established in 2008 in order to develop and deploy the wave energy converting technology, covered by several international patents filed by the company owner and lead engineer, Mile Dragić PhD. The company has been able to support the ongoing development process including design, construction and deployment of several scaled models.

Some of the development steps were supported by local and EU funds (Marinet/FP7), but majority of the financing was assured by the company owner. After successful proof of concept phase and several optimization trials the owner has secured the funds for the next phase (full scale device deployment) and we are currently in the process of choosing the deployment destination.

We have been actively building an international partnership network and are cooperating with several test zones and key supply chain members from wider UK area, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, France, and Portugal. With the full scale device in the pipeline (deployment date depends on location and large scaled testing and is currently set for 2018/2019) we are in search of strategic partners from countries with ocean coastline that would aid further, commercial deployment.


Wave power varies considerably in different parts of the world. Areas of the world with abundant wave power resource include the western coasts of Scotland, Ireland, Portugal and Norway in Europe, northern Canada, southern Africa, Australia, and the northwestern coast of the United States, particularly Alaska.


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